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Quick SEO Strategy for E-Commerce Website

1. Create and Maintain Uniform Website Structure
2. It is must to have search engine friendly directory structure
3. Each web page should have unique page title
4. Each web page should have unique Meta tags
5. There should be around 200-250 words content in each category page
6. Include Breadcrumbs for all the Inner web pages
7. Use a Heading Tag
8. Optimize Images (size, image name and image alts)
9. Optimize Anchor Text
10. Integrate a Secure Payment Gateway
11. Implement security icons
12. Generate a XML Sitemap
a. Submit XML sitemap on Google webmaster
b. Submit XML sitemap on Yahoo webmaster
c. Submit XML sitemap on Bing webmaster
13. Submit content on blogs
14. Submit content on articles
15. Submit content on PRs
16. Must do – Link baiting
17. Track User Behaviour with a Good Analytics Tool

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