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Tips to Customize Emails to Boost Sales

August 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Email marketing campaigns are being widely carried out by businesses to increase awareness about the products and services. Email marketing campaigns target potential customers and are a very convenient and affordable technique to keep customers updated about special offers and discounts, new services, upcoming events, etc. A professional email marketing campaign can boost sales and increase profitability to a great extent. The key tool of an effective email marketing campaign is emails. A customized email is the best way to reach to your potential customers and get a competitive edge in the market. Customization allows you to present the information professionally in an appealing layout that gives emails an inviting look.

Tips for customizing your emails for an email marketing campaign:

  • The content used in the email should be precise, informative, and authentic as it reflects the image of the company.
  • Keep the language of the email simple and avoid using technical words or phrases as they may not be understandable to a common person. Present your ideas using a plain layman’s language to convey the message clearly.
  • Opening of the email should be catchy and interesting to grab the attention of the reader. It should interest the user, encourage him to read the complete email and convince him explore the website to check out the features of products and services.
  • The content of the customized email should be convincing and well written. It should not contain any grammatical or spelling mistakes as it gives a bad impression and fails to build credibility.
  • The layout of the email creates a great impact. For example, a bulleted or numbered list increases the readability of the email. Further important offers must be highlighted by using appropriate colors and graphics.
  • Call to actions like ‘Watch demo of the product’, ‘Order Now’, ‘View Quick Tour’ or ‘Free Trial Download’ helps in increasing the conversion rate.
  • Highlight the upcoming schemes like special offers and seasonal discounts. This will work as an effective method to boost sales.
  • Don’t forget to include contact information for inquiries.