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Google Wonder Wheel

June 18, 2010 1 comment

Google Wonder Wheel was introduced in May/2009. It is shaped in wheel and it recalls me about mind mapping software. It’s a pre-defined mind mapper which helps the user in getting related search results in a wheel shaped display.

Primarily it helps in the keywords research and to identify the related keywords. In other words, you can call it “Visual keyword tool”. Although the wheel does not show traffic/search volume for the relative terms but it provides you with a quick look at which terms are relevant to your main keywords. One of the great uses for Wonder Wheel is to determine how Google classifies keywords and what keywords appear under those classifications.

One can use Wonder Wheel to research and brainstorm keywords and phrases. Instead of doing the keywords stuffing in the content, one can identify the keywords related to the primary keyword and those set of keywords can be used for optimization (more on lines of LSI). At the same time, if someone is running PPC campaign then it allows you to compare relevant search phrases to find more versatile keywords to advertise on Google.

It is one of the fantastic feature of Google search option panel.

Google Wonder wheel

How to Turn Google Wonderwheel on:

Google has introduced new feature “Google Instant”. If you have “Google Instant” on, you will not be able to see the “Google’s Wonderwheel” link when you click on the “More  Search tools” link at the left column of  Google’s result page. If you want to be able to see Google’s Wonderwheel, you will have to disable Google’s new feature “Google Instant.”

Google Wonder Wheel

Google Wonder Wheel

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