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Google announced revamp of Google Image Search

August 7, 2010 1 comment

Google revamped “Image Search” on 20th June/2010. When I did some search on new interface, it reminds me about Bing image search. It is very much similar to that. Google’s new layout is replication of Bing’s image layout which allows users to view 1000 photos on one page, without having to click through multiple pages like a user had to do in past. You are having various options to refine search, like Size, Type, color, etc.

Google Images was launched in 2001 and they had a long journey. June 20th changes are the major revamp in Google Image Search. Now, Google has indexed more than 10 billion images and the traffic to Google image product is awesome, it’s 1 BILLION Page views a day, YES “1 BILLION Page views day”.

Google Image Search

Google has also added a new revenue generating model, “Google Image Search Ads”. Google Image Search Ads allows anyone to advertise alongside Google Image searches in a more visual way. The ads will appear along the top of image search. It will contain both text and an image.

Let me re-summarize changes in Google Image Search:
• You can view 1000 images on a single page
• Images will be loaded dynamically which will not make search page much heavy
• You need not to click each image, simply take mouse over shows the meta information of that image and when you click on the image the it will open up in a new window and it shows the source page of image on back
• Google introduces new “Image Search Ad product”

Honestly speaking, I like Bing image search although I am fan of Google but as of now Bing Image Search is better than Google Image search. At the same time, I am pretty sure Google will make it happen and Google image search will be much better than Bing image search.