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PMP Certification is the Right Choice for Project Managers

August 7, 2010 1 comment

PMP certification is being widely recognized as the standard qualification for project managers in a large number of companies worldwide. Project managers with PMP certification are in huge demand and they also earn better pay packages compared to their peers who do not have a PMP certification. The PMP certification not only enhances the skills of a project manager but also strengthens their resume. PMP is one of the most rigorous examinations in the field of project management. Read ahead to know why PMP certification is an important addition to a project manager’s skill set:

  • The PMP Advantage: A PMP certification adds to your accomplishments as a project manager. This certification indicates that you are skilled in preparing and executing plans for a variety of industries. It also means that you possess the necessary skill levels to see a plan through its implementation and to its closure.
  • World Wide Recognition/Standardized Recognition: PMP certification provided by PMI is one certification that is recognized as a standard by industries across a wide spectrum of fields. Project Management Professionals are needed in industries like health care, engineering, construction, insurance, food and beverages, finance, manufacturing, information technology, insurance and many more.
  • Constant Improvement: With every renewal of your PMP certification you learn more and more.
  • Better Job Prospects: The job options available for a PMP certified project manager are limitless. PMP certification implies that you have a thorough knowledge about project management and you are ideal for the role of a project manager. Your worth as a project manager keeps on increasing as you gain experience by working on quality projects.