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How to get Google Sitelink

August 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Google started experimenting Sitelinks in SERP’s in middle of 2005 but Google officially announced about the “Sitelinks” in Sep/2006. Sitelinks is collection of randomly chosen links which are automatically displayed by Google’s algorithm in search results. Primarily, Sitelinks are designed to provide searchers with more valuable search results for any keyword.

You may have noticed that some search results include a set of links below them to pages within the site. We’ve just updated our help center with information on how we generate these links, called Sitelinks, and why we show them.

Our process for generating Sitelinks is completely automated. We show them when we think they’ll be most useful to searchers, saving them time from hunting through web pages to find the information they are looking for. Over time, we may look for ways to incorporate input from webmasters too.

Source: Google Webmaster

Webmasters are working very hard to acquire Sitelinks for their web site as it will increase the CTR for any web site. As of now, Google does not provide any option by which you can generate Sitelinks for your web site but allows you to manage Sitelinks through Google webmaster account.

How to block a Sitelinks using Google Webmaster:


You need to ensure that you are verified owner of the site

Next Steps:

1. Visit Webmaster Tools Home page then click on the website url

2. Go to Site configuration, click Sitelinks

3. It will display the Sitelinks if your web site is having Sitelinks

4. Click “Block” link to the Sitelinks you want to remove

Everyone is curious how to acquire Sitelinks in SERPs. I will be sharing few quick tips that will help you to acquire Sitelinks in Google:

· Number of links pointing to any web site for that specific keyword(s). For this, you need to do through “Backlink Audit” for your web site so that you can have better understanding about the current strength and you can further chalk out a plan

· Website structure should be quickly spiderable/crawl able

· Should have structured navigation

· Should be fairly on-page optimized

· Having quality inbound links

· Website should be having good CTR (Impressions Vs Clicks for a keyword for your website)

Google Sitelinks

Google Sitelinks